New Citi and AT&T Cobranded Card Announced: $650 Sign Up Bonus

The Citi and AT&T partnership is nothing new. They have been partners for over a decade, issuing the old Universal card and then more recently, the Access Card.

A brand new product has been announced that will for now complement the Access card, with what appears to be a pretty stellar bonus. Details are scarce other than the above linked article, but it appears the new card will feature the following:

  • Up to a $650 credit toward a new smartphone (must be an AT&T customer) after spending $2,000 in three months
  • 3 points (I assume ThankYou Points like the current Access card earns but the article spent say) per dollar on online purchase and travel
  • $95 Annual Fee

For AT&T customers, this could be a great card to churn for what amounts to about a $500 cash sign up bonus. iPhone and other hot smartphones can easily be resold for very close to their retail value. However, it’s too early to tell if the terms and conditions will let you get away with this, or if you actually have to activate the new phone and/or extend your current contract. Either way, some may still be interested!

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