A New Scammy Way to Score Airline Upgrades

Let’s face it: there are some pretty scammy ways to try and score airline upgrades. “It’s my birthday” and “It’s our honeymoon” are played out and rarely work anymore. Able-bodied people requesting wheelchair assistance, stolen valor, etc. Some people flirt, some use social engineering, and some are despicable.

This morning I read about a tactic I’d never considered, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. This Yahoo article tells the following story about a guy who:

  • Was gifted a one-square-meter plot of land in Scotland.
  • This “allows” him to use the title of Lord, and his wife Lady.
  • He changed the title on his credit card and books his flights as Lord Whatever.
  • He’s scored 5 international first-class upgrades, presumably because of said title.

I’d take this information with a grain of salt, because according to the preceding paragraph in the linked article the gentleman in question “flies all over the world on business”. It would likely follow that he has some kind of airline status, but who knows.

Anyway, it’s easy to simply change your title with the airlines without buying a stupid piece of land you’ll never see. If I say I’m a Captain of the Night’s Watch, dammit I’m a Captain of the Night’s Watch. In fact, I’m changing my Etihad Guest Account information right now.

Captain Brad Has a Nice Ring To It. First Class, Here I Come!

If you want to make it legit and you have some money to waste, er, you have disposable income to spare , you can buy a 10 square foot plot of land in Scotland . (Yes, that’s an affiliate link for a dumb product. Get over it.) This one is actually big enough to take a nap on, plus you get an extra piece of land in Greece. I’ve found other dark corners of the internet where you can buy these questionable land deals for as little as 30 quid . But, if $79 is too much, maybe you have no business being a lord (subliminal message, click my links!).

Disclaimer: I don’t think any of this works at all for scoring upgrades, but receiving a promotion while in bed on a Saturday morning felt pretty nice. I’m not suggesting anyone actually buy any of the garbage linked to in this post.

Captain Brad of the Night’s Watch, signing off.

Any Lords or Ladies of the Manor, Reverends, Dukes, Baronesses or Masters out there who have used this technique to score an upgrade?

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