Club Carlson Eliminating 2nd Award Night Perk: How Much Value Did We Lose?

The Club Carlson Visa cards are currently one of the most lucrative hotel cards available; in fact, I have three of them .

Big news broken by Frequent Miler this morning is that arguably the best perk of the card, the Bonus Award Night, is going away after May 28th. The Bonus Award Night allowed cardholders to book 2 night stays for the price of one award night, which effectively doubled the value of Club Carlson points.

So what’s a Club Carlson point worth to me now?

Looking at the Hotel Award Chart for Club Carlson, a redemption costs between 9,000 and 70,000 points. In most cases I wouldn’t pay over $150 per night for even the top tier hotels because there are so many other options out there, both cash- and points-based. I’d consider a lower end Club Carlson property worth about $50 in cash for the same reasons.

That is a spread of .21 to .55 cents per point. Of course this is a vast oversimplification; there are various factors that I’ll take into account when I actually plan travel, such as the location, amenities,and category. But given their general availability of properties and the wide variance in award chart pricing, I don’t see Club Carlson points being worth more than .3 cents each at this point. I used to multiply that by about two and consider them worth .55 cents each.

So we, the Club Carlson cardholders, are getting hosed to the tune of a 50% devaluation of our points. Thankfully, we were at least given notice of the change prior to implementation.

Make sure to burn your point balances by May 28, 2015 to extract the maximum value from your points. I have over 270,000 I’ll be burning over the next two months.

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