Surprise Delta Skymiles for Late Flight!

Last month I wrote about being on a Delta flight that was late departing from my home airport. I missed my follow-on connection and became stranded overnight in Atlanta, ultimately canceling the final two legs of my itinerary and returning home.

In this follow-on post , I detailed how it is possible to still obtain original routing credit for the missed flights I didn’t take, and included a copy of the comments I sent to Delta expressing my dissatisfaction.

Today I checked my email and was welcomed with even more bonus points: 9,500 Skymiles to be exact. I am not quite sure where Delta came up with the 9,500 number, and found it rather odd. But free miles are free miles, and I’ll take it.

The bottom line is that any time you experience an issue with your flight, you can probably get something from the airline for it. Some examples of things that can usually earn compensation after the fact:

  • Delayed Flights
  • Cancelled Flights
  • Delayed Luggage
  • Broken In Flight Entertainment System
  • Broken (non-reclining) seat or tray table

I usually recommend waiting to file your complaint after the fact, online. In each case it is best to be as specific as possible in your complaint: seat 21A on flight 7950 didn’t recline, or luggage tag number XXXXXXXX was two hours delayed, for example. Be very specific with dates and times (including long wait times in line or on hold). Be respectful but firmly upset in your letter and you’ll have the best chance at success.

I was a little inconvenienced that day by the delayed flight, at the same time understanding that it happens. The time it takes to file a short complaint online (5-10 minutes) returns an amount of that time to you, albeit in the form of miles or other compensation.

What are your compensation tactics?

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