You Can Now Merge Your Duplicate AAdvantage Accounts Online

The American/US Airways loyalty program merger has been pretty smooth so far. As early as January, it was possible to link your AA and US Airways accounts so that when the programs merged, your frequent flyer accounts would be automatically combined. I held out, as many others did, not sure what to expect in the coming months.

Now that US Airways Dividend Miles is no more, all accounts that weren’t already linked to an AAdvantage account have been migrated to the American system. You can still access the accounts via US Airways, however they now have a unique AAdvantage number and can no longer book US Airways awards. So, if you’ve held out to merge your accounts, you likely have two separate AAdvantage accounts.

Earlier today American added a feature to their website in which former US Airways Dividend Miles members can link to their existing AA accounts. Login to your Dividend Miles or AA accounts and navigate to your profile page. You’ll see the following screen:

Click the “merge accounts” link and you’ll be directed to a page where you can input the number of your duplicate account. The request takes about a day to complete, according to American.

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