Why I Just Applied For The American Express JetBlue Card

Every few months I’ll apply for some new credit cards to take advantage of the large signup bonuses that banks offer. At the end of April I applied for and was approved for two cards, the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the . Originally I had planned to apply for a few more cards this cycle , but I am considering refinancing a house later this year and don’t want to go overboard with the recent inquiries.

I classify all of the credit cards I sign up for in one of two categories, and those categories may shift over the period that I hold the card:

  • Cards I use for the signup bonus only
  • Cards I put daily spend on, and plan to keep beyond the first year

I sign up for so many credit cards (and still have excellent credit: it is possible as many of you know!) and nearly all of them fall into the above categories. However, I recently signed up for the AMEX JetBlue card for another reason: it’s going away soon.

In December 2015 JetBlue is migrating its cobranded card and partnership from American Express to Barclay. The American Express JetBlue card will cease to exist, and it’s signup bonus will be lost forever for those who have never signed up for it. A new Barclay JetBlue card will be available, presumably with a signup bonus as well, which you can sign up for also, but you won’t be able to get the JetBlue card.

One of the issues that I’ve run into recently, after churning for almost three years, is that my credit can support signing up for more cards than are currently available to me. American Express now only allows one signup bonus per person’s lifetime, Citi increased the time one must wait before receiving a bonus again for some of their best cards, and Barclay’s became more strict with approvals.

The current signup bonus for the AMEX Jetblue card is 20,000 points after spending $1,000 in three months . Keep in mind you can’t get the bonus if you’ve had this card in the past.

Jetblue points are worth about 1.25 cents (the range is actually way larger than that, but averages and standard deviations, etc. makes 1.25 close enough for me…Wandering Aramean did a great analysis here ). So while it’s only a $200-$300 signup bonus, it’s only available until December so it might be worth a look.

I’ll be able to use the points for a roundtrip from New York to somewhere in the Caribbean like Trinidad.

Better uses for JetBlue points exist to be sure. Regardless, it’s a decent signup bonus if you’re looking to get this card before it disappears forever.

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