15,000 Mile Targeted Bonus on Barclay AAviator Cards

Recently, I received both an email and snail mail from Barclaycard notifying me that one of my recently-converted AAviator Red Mastercards is eligible for a targeted promotion.

This promotion is actually very good, and I’ll describe the details in the following paragraph. First, I wanted to point out something I’ve noticed with similar promotions on Barclay’s old US Airways Mastercards.

  • These promotions are targeted to a specific card number.
  • It’s possible to be eligible for a promotion and not receive notification of it. In some cases I’ve called Barclay’s and asked if I was eligible for a promotion that someone else had reported being targeted for, and lo and behold I was (once).
  • This and similar promotions used to come along quite frequently
  • I personally think these promotions are targeted more frequently to dormant or low-spending accounts to get people to use the card more.

This particular promotion requires $500 of spend per month for three months (August, September, and October). Afterwards, the cardholder is rewarded with 15,000 bonus AA miles.

On top of the 1 mile per dollar you earn normally, you’d earn an additional 10 miles per dollar on exactly $1,500 in spend over those three months. I value AA miles at between one-and-a-half and two cents each, so for me earning 11 miles per dollar is like a 16-20% rebate on spending. Of course I’ll take that.

If you haven’t received an email I’d wait a few days to see if one comes, but this promotion is so good it might be worth a call to Barclay’s to see if any of your AAviator accounts are eligible. One of mine is, unfortunately the other one isn’t. Another good thing is that Barclay, at least in the past, has offered these promotions continuously to their cardholders, which means if you aren’t eligible right now, you may be eligible in a few months.

It’s great to see Barclay continuing down their previous path of good continuous-use spending bonuses. Have you been targeted?

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