Fast-Track to Elite Status Opportunities? Check With Your Employer

I’ve never had any airline elite status, as a majority of my flights over the past several years have been paid for by miles and points and therefore don’t earn me anything toward status. However, starting in December I’ll be on a pretty heavy travel schedule with my new firm, with means lots of potential for mileage and status earning.

When I flew out for interviews, the flights were booked by the corporate travel office and I must have been identified as an employee by American Airlines, who sent me the following email. This is a great offer to jumpstart anyone into elite status, as long I can meet the terms of the offer. For example, the Executive Platinum challenge requires 25,000 Elite Qualifying points earned in a three month period prior to December 30th. Not impossible and actually quite reasonable from a cost perspective, considering flown miles and 50,000 bonus miles earned after completing the challenge.

Another interesting piece of information came later in the email:

Whoa! So even though they may not particularly send you an email to target you, you may in fact be eligible for the challenge, depending on where you work! It may be worth calling in to the airlines and/or hanging around your corporate travel office to see if you can scrounge up any dirt on these not-very-well-publicized offers.

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