Quick Update!

It’s been a crazy two weeks and as such I haven’t had time to update the blog in a while. For the readers I have I apologize for that. Over the past 13 days I’ve been literally driving all over Florida (Miami, Keys, back to Miami, Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa, Bradenton, Orlando, Jupiter, and Miami again) and also a three day getaway to Puerto Rico. I was entertaining a guest (the amazing girl I met in Tenerife during Eurotrip 2015 visited Florida, very happy!) so most of the trip was for pleasure but I did spend a little time looking at apartments in Miami, which will be my new home starting in November; or, as much of a home that a consultant has outside of airplanes and hotel rooms.

I have a ton of posts catch up on, such as:

  • Finishing up the trip report of Eurotrip 2015
  • Writing trip reports for the Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico
  • A ton of hotel reviews

I hope to be caught up on everything before I depart for Eurotrip 2015 Part 2 in early August. Right now I have Ibiza, Mallorca, Prague, and Budapest planned for that, with likely one or two more stops before heading back to the States.

Take care and more to come!

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