Trip Report, Eurotrip 2015: Six Nights in Ibiza

Two weeks into Eurotrip 2015 has seen me in Madrid , Barcelona , Paris , Porto , Vigo , and Tenerife . On a Friday afternoon in Tenerife, I boarded a plane back to Barcelona to catch a connecting flight to Ibiza, the happiest island on Earth.

I arrived into at the Ibiza airport around 8pm after getting well liquored up on the flights over. I didn’t quite know what to expect as I had heard stories from people who had visited the island but had never been myself. But while waiting for the bus that runs from the airport to Ibiza town, I found out soon enough. I shared some vodka shots with some fellow partiers, eventually arriving at my hotel after a quick walk following the bus ride.

My original plan was to stay in Ibiza for five days/four nights, and I had booked a room at the Hotel Ibiza Playa in Figueretes for that time. It’s nothing fancy but it’s in a great location. Here’s why:

  • It’s centrally located to Ibiza Town and Playa en Bossa; a 20 minute walk to each or an 8 Euro cab ride.
  • Figueretes Beach is 2 blocks away. A beautiful beach with beautiful people, and where a few of the boat parties pick up and drop off from.
  • It’s an easy walk to the bus station, which will take you to San Antonio on the west end or Amnesia on the middle of the island.
  • It’s not a crazy party hotel so you can get some solid sleep, if that’s your thing.

Other popular locations to stay are Playa d’En Bossa and San Antoni.

I had previously planned to stay in Ibiza for 4 nights. I booked a flight to Palma de Mallorca for a Sunday and instead cancelled it the day before. I rebooked a flight to Rome for that Tuesday and extended my Ibiza vacation by two days; my 4,500 Avios were refunded and the new Vueling economy class ticket cost $126. Small price to pay for guaranteed happiness.

The final two days in Ibiza I booked a cheap but efficient hostel in Ibiza town. The rate through turned out to be $38 per night. Shout out to and its hosts, Marcio and Ewerton, those guys are awesome!

I visited in the beginning of June and the parties were just getting started, but by no means small. I can’t wait to return in August during peak season (according to the locals I talked to, late July and all of August are the craziest times).

I raged hard for five out of the six nights I was there. Club tickets range from 30-70 Euros depending on the night of the week and who’s playing, and drinks can easily run 10-15 Euros each. If you’re coming to Ibiza on a budget I’ll share some tips for that later. If you come to Ibiza for a week and budget like 1000 Euros of spending money, it might be the best week of your life. Here are a list of my favorite places.

Club Shoutouts:

  • Pacha : All I can say is wow. Most days it’s open from midnight to 7am and it goes hard for the entire seven hours. David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Dmitri Vegas, and so many other world-class DJs bang out sets in this upscale club. Worth noting is that it’s the only club on the island I encountered with an “upscale” dress code published, but each night I went it wasn’t being adhered to very much. I wouldn’t advise taking the chance of getting turned away, plus it’s always better to look great. My favorite club on the island.

  • Space : This places is literally exactly like it sounds. There’s a ton of space (it’s the largest club in the world) and the vibe and people who go there are even a little more “spacey” if you know what I mean. Carl Cox rips house music here on Tuesdays.

  • Ushuaia : Ushuaia usually goes hard from about mid-to-late afternoon until midnight. It’s a huge outdoor pool party inside of a hotel complex, right across the street from Space. Afrojack, Guetta, and Avicii are just some of the acts you can hear here.


  • I didn’t really encounter anything spectacular, as most meals were consumed while wasted or recovering from being wasted so I didn’t really care too much. To save money I bought a lot of food at markets and cooked/prepared stuff in the room, and the meals I did eat out were stuff like burgers and tacos.

Other Cool Places:

  • Ocean Beach Club : In San Antonio, it’s a great daytime spot for lounging by the pool with great music and usually a great crowd.
  • Formentera: This beautiful beach spot is a short boat ride from Figueretes Beach or Ibiza Town. Make sure you check it out!
  • If you have some time during one of your days there, check out the fortified walls of Old Ibiza Town. It’s worth the climb for some great views of the beaches and harbor.

The bottom line is you will not get bored in Ibiza, although you will be tired. There’s always a pool, beach, or party going on no matter what the hour.

As promised, some tips for Ibiza on the cheap:

  • Mentioned earlier: Shop at markets for food vice eating out. Fresh fruit, snack bars, etc. are all great options and you can easily survive (and pretty deliciously I might add) on 10 Euros per day.
  • Find roommates or stay at hostels. Ibiza hostels are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. If you can handle an insane party atmosphere then go for it, you can get a bed for as low as $40 USD in low season. If you’re traveling with friends, try AirBNB, you can get places that sleep 3-4 for like $150-$200.
  • Concentrate your spending on one or two nights, they will be amazing. Then, on the other nights, ditch the superclubs and instead hang out at some of the bars on the main PDB drag (other than Space, it’s pricey) or on the West End. A lot of younger tourists party here and the establishments definitely try and cater to them by offering cheap shots and other goodies. And they are still a rowdy good time. San Antoni is by and large cheaper than PDB but both are reasonable if you hit the right spots.

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    July 7, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    very cool.
    though ibiza is not really on my list (seems like a bit of a tourist trap).. this is the funniest video about ibiza ive seen

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