Miles and Points Beginners

Three years ago, I  never imagined that it would be possible to travel the world for free.

Then I was introduced to miles and points via travel blogs and forums. In the span of three short years, with very little effort, I have amassed over 3,000,000 airline miles and hotel points, in addition to several free nights at luxury hotels and status upgrades. I’ve redeemed over 500,000 of those to this date to travel to places all across the country and internationally such as California, New York City, China, Australia, Turks and Caicos, Aruba, Jamaica, all over Europe, and more. I’ve made it to countless weddings, reunions, and visits with friends that I may not have made it to if I had to pay cash for the flights. I’ve also flown family members out to visit me in first class for free. Miles and points are truly a game changer for anyone looking to travel more, experience more, and give their friends and family the gift of travel.

The benefits of miles and points are not limited to simply traveling more, or allowing those close to you to experience places they may have never gone to otherwise. My travel budget has expanded greatly; now that I don’t have to spend money on flights or hotels most of the time, I can spend more on experiences abroad, nightlife, drinks, and dining. I can truly experience a vacation for pennies on the dollar and have plenty left over to enjoy.

You can do the same; I’m not a genius. I simply use existing tools to get the maximum number of miles and points that I can, primarily large credit card sign-up bonuses that are available to everyone with good credit.

Whether you want to travel the world or simply have your family experience a luxury vacation, your goals can be accomplished with the help of miles and points.

Start Here:

Step 1: Loyalty Programs

Step 2: Tracking Your Points

Step 3: Home Airport

Step 4: Airline Programs

Step 5: Hotel Programs

Step 6: Transferable Points

Step 7: Travel Goals

Step 8: Credit Scores

Step 9: Credit Cards

Step 10: Earning More Points